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These pages contain an ongoing conversation with the end goal of building thriving, loving and equitable communities. So many great programs and initiatives already exist with the goal of bringing such communities about. We aren’t looking to be another.

But something has thus far been missing: The platform of understanding and relationships that such initiatives are built upon.

The Relational Intersect seeks to be that platform.

A Relational Intersect is that point where people come together. Where my image of myself and you runs into your image of yourself and me. It is a place fraught with opportunities for miscommunication. 

“You” might be a government agency, a political party, a community initiative, a company, a product or… you.  “Me” is any of us – or, to be more precise, our identity. And the complex swirl of emotions and unconscious actions and reactions that chart the course of how this relationship gets underway, is The Relational Intersect.

– Simon Dixon

Creating Relationships and Communities

People who need help the most can often be the most challenging people to give help to. Why do messages of assistance often get ignored? How should those that are in power build healthy relationships with those that aren’t?  

How, across the divides of money, power, race and culture, do we build thriving, loving and equitable communities?

On this site, in these writings we will explore the strictures of identity all of us carry and how, when understood, they can positively inform our relationships; on a personal level and on a community level.


A person in a suit with wings falling out of the sky, recalling Icarus

Boeing, Boeing, Gone.

What’s going on at Boeing is an alarm bell for what is going on throughout our nation.

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An illustration of two heads, one has the symbol of a crescent moon and star, the other has a cross


The greatest fear of authoritarians and despots is that people stop saying “Yes!” and start asking “Why?”

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An image of plants growing alongside dollar bills

Cui Bono

What are you willing to believe without question because you like the way it feels?

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Simon Dixon has spent his career studying the ways that perceptions and communications develop between individuals and groups and has used these insights to develop effective communications strategies that deliver measurable results.

Simon's previous speaking engagements include:


“I would highly recommend Simon to speak at any conference or large scale platform as he is sure to provide an educational and exciting presentation. He has presented at several key conferences for AAA and his delivery and communication style is upbeat, engaging, unique, and always leaves the audience wanting more as an expert in the field.”

– Anita Lorz Villagrana, Public Affairs Manager, AAA

“Simon has been one of our most insightful and entertaining speakers. His enthusiasm, experience, and ability to translate the nuances of communication to our attendees, made him our most popular speaker to date! (So much so his second appearance was oversold!) Kudos on a crowd pleasing presentation.”

– Chrissy Deferville, Catalyst For Thought speaker series

“Simon brought his expertise to our statewide system by designing an entire campaign with us, and spoke at our annual Leadership Training Institute to unveil the “Not On My Watch” campaign. We were mesmerized! His skill in strategizing campaigns that work was evident. We're eager to expand our efforts together!”

– Dr. Jim Kooler, California Friday Night Live Partnership

“Able to convey the essence of great communications in a way that all can understand, Simon is truly a rock star speaker. We have been fortunate to have his support for the Raffa Learning Community. With a highly entertaining style, a deep well of expertise to draw from (plus a killer accent!), Simon always tops our charts as a favorite speaker.”

– Jimena Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer, Raffa

“Simon is a fabulous presenter, speaker, and teacher! He is a favorite with the students. He involves, inspires, and challenges them to think about their interests, capabilities, and related next steps, blending keen wit, energy, and enthusiasm, with his vast communications experience.”

– Karen Bogart, Technology Management Program, UCSB

“Simon engaged his IPAC (Interagency Prevention Advisory Council) audience with a masterful combination of fact and humor to respectfully open the door to discuss emotional topics, and listens to feedback and maintains group focus on the topic of the day. Highly recommend!”

– Margie L. Hieter, Dept. of Health Care Services, Sacramento, CA

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